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‘Her pages about Rothko are the best I’ve read about the extraordinary painter. She honours Sam Becket as few others are able to do. We follow Sue Hubbard because she has the precision, the respect for words and pain of a poet. We follow her because (as she writes in one of her poems) “What if … one night swimming in the freezing water, you look own to find the bottom littered with stars.’
John Berger

‘Sue Hubbard’s Adventures in Art fluently archives her very impressive 20-year trajectory of critical writing within the art world, transporting us into a multiplicity of artist’s lives and methodologies, and forming a portrait of contemporary art today. Nothing is left untouched and unconsidered. These selected writings narrate her discovery of the meaning of art and provide a useful tool of understanding for readers.’
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Serpentine Gallery

This is a really insightful book. Sue Hubbard has been looking at contemporary and modern art for twenty years: her keen poet’s eye leads her to perceive things not always evident to the rest of us. Most gratifyingly, she writes a pleasing, lucid prose which makes complex ideas accessible and leaves us enriched by the clarity of her values.

These essays tackle a swathe of all that has been happening in painting and sculpture over recent decades. Their range is truly impressive: from Christian Boltanski to Helen Chadwick, from Anslem Kiefer to Jane and Louise Wilson. Along the way, Hubbard’s own taste and judgement evolved, giving us a vivid sense of what these turbulent creative times have been like. Their cumulative effect is to indicate the direction modern art is taking, and help us grapple with its meaning.
Joan Bakewell

Publication details

Published 2010
Other Criteria
248 x 190 mm
Hardback 160 pp
76 B&W illustrations
ISBN 978-1-906967-21-5


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