Visiting Artist at Siena Art, April 2014

Eurydice, London's largest public art poem, Imax Underpass, Waterloo

Eurydice Imax Underpass Waterloo

Eurydice Imax Underpass Waterloo

Eurydice Imax Underpass Waterloo

Campaign to save Eurydice

saltpublishing's Campaign to Put the Poem Back in Waterloo Underpass
The Evening Standard
The Guardian
Time Out
The Guardian Waterloo underpass poem to be restored

saltpublishing's publishing
Neural Technologies sponspors Restoration
Art Daily
3 Quarks Daily
Wall Street Journal

Text installations at De La Warr Pavilion as poet in residence during Architext week, 2000

de la warr Pavilion   de la warr Pavilion

Found poem installed in Birmingham Pen Factory in Birmingham jewellery quarter

Found Poem Biirmingham Pen Factory

Site specific poems in jewellery shops in Birmingham as Poetry Society's Public Art Poet, 2000

Birmingham Poetry Society's Public Art Poet

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